This year's costumes feature Signa as Frankie Stein (Frankenstein's Monster's daughter), William as Boba Fette, Marc as a deep sea diver and me as Sunken Treasure. The kids' costumes were store bought, but not ours!

A year and a half ago, my doctor gave me a slip for the dreaded mammogram. I sucked it up and went and they said Sorry Charlie, as I hadn’t been NOT breastfeeding for long enough. So six months ago I got another dreaded slip from my doctor and then promptly lost it. I found it a couple of weeks ago and sucked it up and made the appointment for last Thursday.

It’s been a long hard week and to have a mammogram in the middle was just frightening. I shaked myself all the way in, barely able to sign the 40 million waivers, pay promises and privacy notices for all the quivering. I nearly sobbed as I waited. She called my name and I had that stomach sinking feeling from hell.

I put the gown on and went into a slightly darkened toasty warm room. She showed me the machine and how it worked and that she’d be taking four pictures, two of each boobie. She explained everything and then we began. And then 40 seconds later, it was over and I was laughing. “Seriously? That’s IT?!?!? “

There is no pain. There is no pinching or hurting. Perhaps breastfeeding two children past the age of two has desensitized me, but SERIOSLY!??!

If you have been putting this off, stop. Trust me, the Scardy Cat Whiny Baby of the Universe. Just go. It’s NOTHING.


I finished my Halloween costume, but the cost?


The user of my hot glue gun (me) decided to shoot glue onto that part between your thumb and index finger. Then that same person grabbed for the offending glue with the other hand.


But my costume's done and now I have a day of work at a client's and then tomorrow a seminar and a Halloween party and then more Halloween parties!

The kids have been practicing their Trick-or-Treat ettiquette. Knocking gently, saying please (I told them that no one says, "Trick or treat PLEASE" and that they could be off the hook this time), taking one piece if the owners hold out the bowl, not walking into their home, saying thank you. While this is all very cute, the over and over knocking is getting on our nerves, so we are glad to be nearing the actual day.

I think with all the parties, we should do a really cool breakfast for Halloween, but not sure I could pull this off:

We may settle for Count Chocula cereal.
I spent most of yesterday in the John Wayne Airport. I had a client meeting that we thought would go all day. Our flight choices were 4:30 or 8:30. Since we thought the meeting would go until 4pm, we chose 8:30pm, knowing it would be a long day (the morning flight was at 7am. However, the meeting was over at 2pm and we were back at the airport at 3pm trying to get on the 4:30 flight. To no avail. So I spend five and a half hours at the John Wayne International Airport.

Luckily, I was with a really great person and we laughed through the day and night, but ick. What a LONNNNNNNG day. And I never saw Signa or William yesterday. Cannot wait for them to get up this morning, but since it's only 6:30, I won't stomp around and cough or anything to wake them.


Curly Shuffle

We went to a wonderful Oktoberfest party with Nana and Papa a few weeks back. Nana made Signa a Dirndl and bought a beautiful shirt for William from Germany. She then borrowed Lederhosen in a beautiful red leather from a friend for him.

William, always the ham, couldn't just do the chicken dance; he had to add in the Curly Shuffle (which he calls the Rock and Roll move).

You can watch it here:

We also took a trip to Oregon to see Grampa and Grandma Molly. Just William and me. We had a great time and now he wants to go there every week. He loved the built in playground, but also all the food and special juice that was just for him! We can't wait for Thanksgiving, hoping they will be joining us again.

And if you are a genealogy friend, I've created a genealogy blog at:

I figured I needed an outlook for all my recent genealoging before I start writing it here and boring you all!
I’m doing a fundraiser for CORA through the month of October. There are some GREAT new books (including a new series that I’m coveting for William). All my commissions from your orders (and your friends’ orders – pass it on!!!) will be sent to CORA. Last year when I did this, we raised $50. This year, I want to send them a lot more.

My Usborne Website:

“CORA provides free and confidential services to victims and survivors of domestic/dating violence and abuse, including child and teen witnesses, in San Mateo County. Our services include a 24-hour hotline, support groups, legal services, emergency and transitional housing, and more, in English and Spanish.

CORA is a wonderful organization and performs so many valuable and needed services. For each of us, this fundraiser is a win-win. You get great books for the children in your lives AND part of your money goes to a wonderful organization.

I love to suggest books for you, or you can see our new titles here:

Personally, I’m ordering this for William, as it looks just about perfect for my anxious-to-read 4-year-old:
Very First Reading Set

Thank you and please let me know if you have questions!
-Debbie (debbie (at) mascotmanor (dot) org)
Dear Mrs. Magilicutty,

Today you are eight years old. You are my big 8-year-old. And this is my eighth birthday letter to you. Eight. You’d think that I’d run out of things to say to you on your birthday, but I don’t. I just say the same things every year- that you are the coolest, most wonderful kid and I love you so much.

This is the first year that you will read your own birthday letter. All the other years, I just wrote it and tucked it away in your journal, but this year, I am emailing it to you. This week is the week you got your own email address and you are so excited and funny about it. I got 5 emails just this morning, all saying something to the effect of, “Send me an email.” And when you send one to me, I always know it even before I hit Send/Receive, as you are laughing and looking at me and grinning.

You got your retainer this year and it makes you look older and I can’t believe how responsible you are with it. I never have to remind you to put it back in after you eat or to put it in your “retainer container” before you do eat. You just know and you do it without question.

You and I had some special times together this year, with trips to Oregon and to Ohio. I was so worried that after being together non-stop, we’d be on each other’s nerves, but you were the perfect travel companion and I loved having you with me and showing you off to our family. You make me very proud.

You love Build-A-Bear and playing games on your computer. And email, as I’ve mentioned. You also love to play with Will even though he doesn’t play the way you like to. It’s still really nice and big sisterly of you to be so good to him. I know it feels like he doesn’t deserve it sometimes, but trust me, he does and you and he will always have a very special relationship because you are each other’s first friends. Just ask Unkee!

I love that you are mature for your age, but still a kid. We get complemented on how great you are all the time and while we love that, we really love you. I don’t think that either Daddy or I could think of one thing about you that we’d like to change. You are just perfect how you are and you are our treasure and our joy and our hearts.

You are the best daughter in the whole wide world and I am so happy to be your momma.

Signa is at Gramma's this weekend and so we needed to do something special with William. Marc was in a sculpting mood, so I coerced William into taking me on a date. We went to the bank and I let him take out the cash. Then he took me miniature golfing, to lunch and to the bumper boats. And skee ball, where he scored a tiny back-scratcher and soccer ball eraser. He graciously paid for everything and proudly told the people, "This is for my momma and me."

I will never ever forget Will's first date. I even got a big hug and a kiss at the end.

Tonight he is taking his Momma AND Daddy on a dinner date. He wants to have shrimp (and white wine, although, we veto that).
I think this phone conversation wins:

Me: Why are there two hotel charges on my bank statement?
Hotel Woman: You need shuttle? I get shuttle. What room?
Me: No, I had two charges for your hotel. I stayed last Friday.
Hotel Woman: Two charges for shuttle last Friday? I check...

me on hold

Hotel Woman: What time you take shuttle?
Me: I did not take a shuttle and I do not want to take a shuttle. I want my money back.
Hotel Woman: You want money back from shuttle?
Me: May I please speak to the manager?
Hotel Woman: The shuttle manager? No manager for shuttle. You want lost and found?

After getting through to her that it was a billing issue, she transfered me to a man.

Hotel Man: Let me just pull up your account. Sarah McDonald, right?
Me: No. (Gave my name again)
Hotel Man: Yes, unfortunately we do have a missed reservation policy and because you missed the reservation without cancelling 24 hours before your check in date, we did need to charge you for that.
Me: (in that super calm before the storm voice) Then would you mind just explaining, you know, um what the other charge was for?
Hotel Man: Yes, that was for the room and room service last Friday.
Me: (paused to let it sink in... pause... pause... THERE it is. You could HEAR the light bulb flash on)
Hotel Man: OH, how can we charge you for a missed reservation and then also charge you for a room?

Me: Exactly.

Credit supposedly coming and we already had a free night for the other crappy customer service I wrote to them about. But do I really want to go through this again?

Eye Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I put makeup on women. They would come into the spa and I would make them look good. I remember learning to put eye shadow on older women. You would have to stretch the skin out with your thumb while applying it or the brush would just move on the same piece of old woman skin and not spread nicely.

This morning, I realized I have that old woman skin. I had to stretch my eye skin.

This marks the official end of an era. Can I wear knee high nylons with my sandals now and polyester pants with a stupid hat?
Last weekend, Signa and I went to Oregon. We drove up on Friday and back on Monday, but had 2 full days with Grampa and Grandma Molly. It was wonderful and Signa wants to go back with us next time, even though it's supposed to be just me and Will next time... I think Daddy would explode with NO KIDS for a full weekend, so we will see...

While there, we attended Battle of the Bones ( We tasted 12 or so different pulled pork and voted for our favorite (the apricot one was our family's favorite!). We walked around and got ice cream and cotton candy and giant lemonades with flavoring in them and balloon animals. It was a great day and I LOVE PULLED PORK!

Sunday we went up to the mountain for a picnic. It was a lovely day and the whole weekend was very relaxing and comforting. I love spending time with my parents as you get to be a kid again and they sort of step into the adult role as your backup. I hope my kids feel that way when they are older, too.

Yesterday I took a surprise day off work and we had Momma Camp. The kids got tickets for Momma Camp from 9am to 9pm. The day started with name tags and leis. We then went to get supplies for Momma Camp and then home for the Momma Camp Sing-a-long*. After the sing-a-long, we painted figurines as our craft and then had a water fight with water baloons and Super Soakers in the front yard. Then lunch at McDonalds and playtime in the Playland. Then Will's nap, during which Signa tried to learn how to ride her bike. Then another craft (library bags) and then off to the water structure activity pool at the community center. Then swim lessons, hot dogs for dinner, and smores by the campfire in the backyard. Then bed.

We all loved our Momma Camp.

* Our official Momma Camp song is sung to the tune of "Lollipop" and played on the guitar in the A CHORD until the POP (where you knock on the guitar) and then the ba bom bom part is in the E7 on the guitar (note that those are the only things we have learned on the guitar in guitar class, so it's a bit limiting.


William's computer class started Monday. It's really his first class just for him where we aren't there with him. I was so hyped up for it that I couldn't wait to call him after to hear all about it.

Marc and Signa sat outside the class and waited for him and said he did fine. Serious Will, just like normal, but went fine. When I talked to him on the phone and asked him how the class was. "It was fun and we played games and I don't like it because there is a girl kid in there and I don't like girls."

What the H E double hocky sticks? He doesn't like computer class because there is a girl in it? Did the breath mint freeze up his brain? He repeated that to me about 3 times Monday and then again yesterday morning.

We had to drill it in that he is NOT to say anything like that in class or anywhere else because it's mean and hurts people's feelings.

Who knew that cooties come at age 4?

Minty Fresh

To start today’s update I will tell you about our drive home last night. Actually, how about I just tell you what I heard:

Signa: Daddy, are those mints?!? Can I have one?
Will: Me, too! I want one, too!
Daddy: No these aren’t mints, but I have mints. Here you go. (he passes one back for each kid)
Me: What are they if they are not mints? (I start to look at the other container)
Marc: Gum.
Then I had an inner dialog about how I thought he wasn’t going to chew gum any more because it kept pulling off crowns. I then debated saying something or not saying something. Right around the time I decided not to say anything because if gum could pull it off, anything could, I heard in the very tippy back part of my brain, “I put it in my nose!” I continued thinking that if gum would pull off a crown, so would marshmallows or rice crispie treats and really, if they were so weak as to have gum pull them off then why didn’t they instruct you to not eat gum? Or marshmallows or rice crispie treats. And what about jujubes. Those were the stickiest hardest things EVER.
Me: WHAT?!??!

So yes, William put the mint in his nose because Signa put hers BY her nose and he thought she put it IN her nose and that it was funny. Then he found that it wasn’t funny because, “I PUT THE MINT IN MY NOSE AND IT’S STUCK AND NOW I’M GOING TO DIE, MOMMA!” We pulled over on the side of the freeway and I tried to make him blow it out, but to no avail. We kept driving and I checked Doctor Internet. I found not fewer than six other kids who put mints up their nose. Two went to the emergency room, but it dissolved before they saw a doctor. All six were just fine. One was a Junior Mint and it was an adult talking about why they don’t like mint and chocolate mixed together any more, but I’m still counting it.

William will be just fine, even though his snot will be minty fresh for a few days.


Apparently yesterday at the end of Return of the Jedi, in a massive amount of tears, William managed to sob out, "Daddy, I forgive Darth Vader!"


I had scrapbooking all Will's birthday weekend at a hotel nearby, so on Will's birthday, I got up early and brought donuts home for him. When I was ready to head back to the hotel, I had Will come sit on my lap facing me. "Happy birthday, Will," I said with smiles and kisses for him. "I'm going to go now, but tonight you can come get me at the hotel and then we'll go have your special birthday dinner, okay?"

He looked at me with big wide eyes and said with wonder and joy, "I can DRIVE now?" as if the perks of becoming four had never fully been explained to him. I am seriously still laughing.


We recently went to see Grampa and Grandma Molly in Oregon for a long weekend. The kids had such a good time exploring everything. And Grampa and Grandma got worn out by them but I think in a good way! Can't wait to go back.


Today we are off to a 4H Dog Field Day. Mr. Spock will be coming along for the ride, so we shall see how it goes!
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Today is Dad's birthday! I get to see him in 16 days.

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!
Apparently yesterday at the park, after running behind some bushes, Will ran up to our friend and said, "There was a regular dog over there." She asked what he meant by "regular" and he rolled his eyes at her and said, "Well, it's not a wolf."



This morning there was a cartoon on about camping. The children had this conversation:

Signa- When we go camping, I'm sleeping in the tent with Daddy.
Signa- No, you get to stay with Momma.

And then he tried to punch her.

So I told them both that just for that, we are now not going fictional camping.

So there.
According to Signa, I go to work every day because I hate vacuuming. While it is true (I do ever so much hate vacuuming), I do not desert my family for 8 hours a day (plus driving time) just to avoid that dreaded machine and make Marc do it all.

No, Signa. You are very wrong.

I go to work for hours every week to avoid LAUNDRY. Which is a lot worse than the vacuum.
For a few weeks now, on and off, I’ve been obsessing over my grandmother’s grandparents. All I knew was their names: John T. Shelton and Laura E. Wilkinson. I knew where they were born and where they lived from census records, but that didn’t tell a good story. What happened to them?

Nana’s dad “left home at a young age”. He was “quiet and reserved and didn’t talk much.” So Nana knew nothing of his life before her. I’d search and get clues, but nothing that drew a line or a picture. Just snippets to confuse me or piece them in a place where they shouldn’t be or with children they shouldn’t have.

But I learned that in 1860 they were in Allen County, Indiana. And then I found a huge history of the Wilkinson family listing Laura, going back generations. So there is part of Laura’s history, but she is listed with the last name of Morton in her mother’s obituary. So searching for a marriage between a Laura Shelton and anyone named Morton found me an 1872 marriage between a Laura Wilkinson and a Thomas Moron. From there, I found census records (with my great grandfather’s brother listed – with a name like Costa, it’s an easy conclusion…).

So I always wondered what happened to John Shelton. He must have died sometime between the 1870 census where he was in Quincy, IL and 1872 when his wife (under her maiden name) remarried. Quincy was the go-to point for the Civil War soldiers. Was he there for that? He’s listed as a carpenter in the census and in the city directory, though. Why were they in Quincy? What happened shortly after?

So for 2 weeks I’ve been looking through everything I can find listing deaths in IL or IN for John T. Shelton. Nothing.

But today I found their divorce notice in the Fort Wayne Sentinal. Laura E. Shelton vs. John T. Shelton. 21 Aug 1872. She married Mr. Morton just a few months later and they had 2 children together.

I also found this.

And these are her parents.

RIP Great, Great Grandma Laura E. Wilkinson Shelton Morton. I’m so glad I know you a little better now. I wish you could tell me about your first husband John, but I’m glad to have at least this.

So far...

William was doing something really annoying yesterday. I can’t remember what, but as he walked by, I swatted him on the butt and reminded him what he was supposed to be doing. About 2 minutes later, I hear him sobbing in the living room. Before I could even get in there, he says, “Momma, you gave me something to cry ABOUT.”

Smart kid.

All is well in the Mascot household. Busy, though. Can’t see to catch our breath these days.
I’ve been working on genealogy a lot again lately and it’s taking up my spare time. I subscribed to and Sheri and I have been enabling each other in it, so instead of cleaning, working, exercising... we do genealogy. But at least we are now related, so I can now officially call her family!

In other news, William is potty trained now (except for that never-to-be-spoken-of-again time on the couch last week when he was very involved in his Batman game). He’s doing a great job with it and enjoys telling me how he’s big now because “I go pee pee on the potty, that’s why!”

He also doesn’t say today, but instead substitutes the biblical, “ON THIS DAY”. So instead of saying, “I know you said that I wasn’t old enough to chew gum, but today I am ready,” we get, “Yes, but ON THIS DAY I can chew gum.”

Last weekend we went to see Beethoven’s Wig. It’s a group of singers for kids who put words to classical music. Some are silly (like about Beethoven’s Big Wig), but most tell a story about the music, the musician or something about the time. We all loved it and are vowing to see more live theater.

Although we also love movies, having seen and loved Alice in Wonderland. I have a particular fondness for the story, since Dad read it to me when I was little. And then to have Tim Burton, my favorite movie guy ever, make it. Well, it was just perfect and exactly how Alice in Wonderland should look. The kids loved it and now are planning which characters to be for Halloween (we had to talk Will out of being the White Queen- now he’s either the Cheshire Cat or the guy with the eye patch). Signa is, of course, the Red Queen.

The kids also woke up one day and decided to plan a party for their stuffed hamsters (called Zhu Zhu Pets). They made invitations, games and when I got home from work, I made a cake. The party for Mr. Squiggles and Batman was very fun.

I also had a Pampered Chef party a couple weeks ago and it was so fun to see my friends all in one place. Of course there many close friends missing, but YVONNE was there! Yvonne and I were friends when we were 8-12 or so. We were inseparable, living across the street from each other. We had a club house in her back yard and did the gong show, Charlie’s Angels, detective work, and had our own club that we called the Black Panthers (because, really, what a cool name for a club!). We had some very prime years together and it was so fun to see her again. I can’t figure out how she can look exactly like she did when she was 12, but she does. She has grown daughters who are beautiful, just like her.

I guess that’s it for today. I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Should be a relaxing Saturday, YAY!
We were watching a movie the other night for Movie Night and I mentioned that Marc and I saw it in the theater when it came out.

Will: Who took care of me and Signa? Gwamma?
Us: Will, you weren't born yet.
Will: (after some contemplating) Did you miss me?

I was noticing yesterday that William is now to the funny sayings stage and Signa is mostly out of it. She now surprises us in the SMART things she says more so than the funny. She notices things differently that I do. Like I will notice something in a movie looks weird, but SHE notices that there are no contact shadows (and she even knows they are called contact shadows). I did find a pices of paper yesterday, though, that she made. It's about a 1/2 inch tall and about 5 inches wide and across it is written, "No, Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with explanation points running the full 5 inches. I still don't really know why, but I imagine that pretty much sums up life at the Mascots:

No, Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My nephew Austin got all As in his freshman year in high school and is #2 in ranking for his class of 484. Go, Austin, GO!!!!

What amazes me about Austin is that he's smart AND nice AND fun AND cool AND perfect. Seriously, he is the greatest kid. I am the luckiest aunt in the world.
Signa took her test for karate today and has now graduated from a white gi to a black one and now has a new purple belt. YAY SIGNA!

Today’s Usborne Books and More Recommendations:

For the younger crowd (ages 7+), See Inside Math.

For the older, Illustrated Dictionary of Math

Both of these help make math less “numbery” and more about what it MEANS.

Remember, all book sales through Feb. 15 will count towards the funds for UNICEF that we are raising for Haiti earthquake victims. In addition, I will be donating all of my commissions. Send in your orders to:

Debbie at mascotmanor dot org

William was telling us about "Minnie Newman" who was found "in the box!" "YOU KNOW! MINNIE NEWMAN! FROM THE BOX!" It took many minutes to gather more details (what kind of box? A BOX! where was the box from? THE GARAGE! what does Minnie look like? A BIG HEAD!)

He was talking about Marc's Alfred E. Neuman doll...

William has also taken to calling Marc, "Batman" and insisting on everyone calling him, "Robin". So here is a conversation I heard the other day:

William (from the tub): Batman?
Marc (from the office): Yes, Robin?
William: Let's pretend you don't know Pee Wee Herman.
Marc: Um... okay...
William: Hey, Batman? Do you know Pee Wee Herman?
Marc: Why, no, Robin, I don't.
William: Oh, Batman!

And then he went back to playing with the bath bubbles.
I was thinking about what *I* could do for the people in Haiti. I don’t have extra cash (that I’m willing to part with) and I don’t want to head off to Haiti to actually DO anything. But I can sell books.

Now I know that they don’t need books there. Really, I do. So instead, I’m doing a book fair from now until February 15.

Depending on the amount we raise, anywhere from 10% to 50% of our sales will be donated to UNICEF, one of the organizations helping the earthquake victims. UNICEF focuses on children and that is why I’ve chosen them as our recipient. More than half the population of Haiti is children, and children suffer most in disasters such as this. I will be donating all of my own commissions, too. So there is no reason for you NOT to buy great books for the children in your lives AND be helping in Haiti. I’m sure you all know how great the books are, but if you would like to see some or get some recommendations, please let me know.

Since this is a book fair, the order won’t be placed until February 16, so keep that in mind as you are shopping. If you need books sooner, I will still donate my commissions, but the other percentage won’t count to the book fair. Please place your order with me via email (rather than on the website) and I will send you an invoice. Start your shopping now:

Questions? Please let me know! I’ll be sending out blasts with my favorite books over the next couple of weeks. The “must have” books for every child.

To start you off, here is my all-time favorite Usborne book:

The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales: This book is a must-have for ages 0-5. In addition to the usual (good stories, good price tag, wonderful pictures) this book is a quality bound book with a ribbon for a bookmark (I really don’t know why this is so loved, but all kids seem to adore this feature. Each page features a hidden duck (making the little ones focus on THAT page instead of just wanting to turn turn turn). It’s a dual reader, so that the top line is easier reading for learners- or faster paced story for tiny ones- and the bottom lines are good for mom or dad to read or to skip until they are older. It also comes with a CD where each story is read aloud and wonderful music. We enjoy the book now for even the 7-year-old and 3-year-old, as the big one read to the little one (and develops more reading confidence in being able to do so).

If you have older kids and are past this stage, here is my recommendation for you:

Conspiracy 365 (JANUARY): This is the first in the new Usborne series for ages 10 and up. It’s a fascinating mystery series that will feature 12 books (one each month).

More recommendations coming… stay tuned!

Thank you all.


Today we were playing Apples to Apples and when Paul was reading the cards thrown down for something, Signa complained because he didn't read the one she put down that clearly should have won. He went back through and read them all again and she said, "NO! Mine was Afraid Hitchhikers."

Yes, Alfred Hitchcock. We were all laughing at my poor girl, but even though she was horrified and embarrassed, we just couldn't stop. Especially me.
Last night, Signa had her first sleepover (well, it was here, so her first Have a Friend Sleepover). Catherine spent the night and the girls just played with their Liv dolls, ate, chattered and then read and went to bed. This morning after breakfast and a couple hours of play, Catherine's family picked up the two girls and they went to see the Chipmunks. Signa had a beyond wonderful time and said that next time she wants Catherine to stay for five nights.
Last night at dinner, I got to hear William's story of an event from the day. I wish I'd recorded it so that I could regale you with the EXACT words, but it was too "in the moment." So I'll do my best.

William's Story

Today in the car and then not in the car there was a dead squirrel and the turkey vultures were in a circle (he made circle motions over his head, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't calling himself crazy) and they were eating a dead not Gilbert (Gilbert is a squirrel that we feed in the backyard and Will was okay with a dead squirrel in the street as long as it was... not Gilbert). And um Daddy said if I wanted to look and I said yes and we looked and there was RIBS! And the turkey vultures were eating that squirrel that was not Gilbert!

Later on he asked me for "Skechimo" kisses. Even though he drives us nuts sometimes, as we don't understand why he does things (kick the dog, not potty train, hit Signa, crash things, break things, destroy things, etc.), he really is pretty freaking cute. :)
In what way, shape, or form is it “potty training” when they just pee and shit in their pants/diaper/pull-up all the damn time EXCEPT when you happen to remind them at the particular right moment? How is THIS potty training? I’d give up and wait longer, except that diapers now all leak and are too small for my ALMOST FOUR-YEAR-OLD. ERGH. I’ve had it.

In other news, I came home early so that I could take Signa to karate and see her doing it again and she didn’t want me to go- wanted Daddy and for me to stay home with William.

Who proceeded to pee in one pullup and then poop in another.

Oh the joy.

Thank heavens he’s so darned cute.

New Year

Well, it’s over. Christmas, that is. This was actually my favorite Christmas yet. It started with a wonderful Thanksgiving and then just kept right on going until New Year’s. We did so many fun things, from crafts to a trip to see the City lights to a parade. And more crafts. And lots and lots of baking (pretty sure that’s why my fat pants are feeling a tad cozy right now).

The kids are at the perfect ages this year. Enough magic and wonder still to ignite the joy in all of us. And they do that every year, but this year I paid attention and remembered to enjoy.

Now the new year is here and some tough things are happening in the extended family. I’m crossing all my everything that it isn’t as bad as it seems right now and that all will be well.

I don’t do “resolutions”, but I do make goals frequently. One goal right now is to be better at writing down what’s going on with us so that I can share it with you and also so that I can share it with my future self. As I go through my days, I think, “I should write that down” but then things get busy and I think, “Oh, I’ll NEVER forget that!” And then when I get to the computer, it’s forgotten.

So 2010 should be filled with more “junk” from Mascot Manor and in return, please have a WONDERFUL 2010, because when you have a good one, so do I.