(I wrote this yesterday but didn't have time to post it)

You now talk ALL THE TIME. We mostly understand you, but you just pick something that sounds the way you wants it to and then that is forever the word for that thing. Mine-a-man is one. "Mine-a-man!!!" you'll say. "Superman?" we answer. "NO! NO! MINE-a-man!" you'll correct, sounding EXACTLY the same as the first time. "Spiderman?" we ask. "NO! NO! MINE-a-man!!!" again sounding just the same. "Iron Man?" we try for the third thing it could be as all three are the same word. "Mine-a-man" you say lovingly and smile when we finally get it right

Your new favorite thing is Speed Racer. Anything that you see that is Speed Racer, you yell, "GO RACER!!!!" You also sing songs. You get the words the way you like them and then just sing. Like Dr. Who. "DaDa OO OO. DaDa AYE!" And you are a joker, too. You know when something is funny and so you just keep doing it with a sly look on your face. The new thing is when we smell something. "Will, did you poop?" "No, Dister poop." "Sister did not poop! Did you poop?" "No, Momma poop." "No! Momma did not poop. Will, did you poop?" "No, Da Day poop." And on and on for whoever is around.

You also amaze me with how polite you are. You say, "Tank you" "Peas" and "Dorry". And at the right times and in the right places for the most part. You surprised me at a birthday party when you ran into a boy and you stopped, went back and looked him in the eyes and said, "Dorry!" Then you waited for him to say he was okay. It was so wonderfully odd.

You are a stunningly beautiful little man. My buh buh, boo boo and baby man. I can't believe it's been two full years since you were brought into this world. I remember it like it was yesterday. Looking into those brilliant blue eyes and seeing wonder and amazement reflected back in mine. You are a wonderful addition to our lives, little man.



I'm in Los Angeles now on business and decided I better fix my website. They redesigned it and I couldn't update any longer. I have notes somewhere to post things that I couldnt, but for now, this is just testing anyway, so I'll tell you about William. If you ask if he pooped, he'll shake his head no and say, "No.... DISTER pooped." Then when you smile and correct him, he smiles an evil smile back and says, "No... DA DAY pooped!" Then Momma, Jack, Jones, anyone, really. Anyone except Will...

So now I shall post this and then figure out how to link to it from the main page...