I was thinking about what *I* could do for the people in Haiti. I don’t have extra cash (that I’m willing to part with) and I don’t want to head off to Haiti to actually DO anything. But I can sell books.

Now I know that they don’t need books there. Really, I do. So instead, I’m doing a book fair from now until February 15.

Depending on the amount we raise, anywhere from 10% to 50% of our sales will be donated to UNICEF, one of the organizations helping the earthquake victims. UNICEF focuses on children and that is why I’ve chosen them as our recipient. More than half the population of Haiti is children, and children suffer most in disasters such as this. I will be donating all of my own commissions, too. So there is no reason for you NOT to buy great books for the children in your lives AND be helping in Haiti. I’m sure you all know how great the books are, but if you would like to see some or get some recommendations, please let me know.

Since this is a book fair, the order won’t be placed until February 16, so keep that in mind as you are shopping. If you need books sooner, I will still donate my commissions, but the other percentage won’t count to the book fair. Please place your order with me via email (rather than on the website) and I will send you an invoice. Start your shopping now:

Questions? Please let me know! I’ll be sending out blasts with my favorite books over the next couple of weeks. The “must have” books for every child.

To start you off, here is my all-time favorite Usborne book:

The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales: This book is a must-have for ages 0-5. In addition to the usual (good stories, good price tag, wonderful pictures) this book is a quality bound book with a ribbon for a bookmark (I really don’t know why this is so loved, but all kids seem to adore this feature. Each page features a hidden duck (making the little ones focus on THAT page instead of just wanting to turn turn turn). It’s a dual reader, so that the top line is easier reading for learners- or faster paced story for tiny ones- and the bottom lines are good for mom or dad to read or to skip until they are older. It also comes with a CD where each story is read aloud and wonderful music. We enjoy the book now for even the 7-year-old and 3-year-old, as the big one read to the little one (and develops more reading confidence in being able to do so).

If you have older kids and are past this stage, here is my recommendation for you:

Conspiracy 365 (JANUARY): This is the first in the new Usborne series for ages 10 and up. It’s a fascinating mystery series that will feature 12 books (one each month).

More recommendations coming… stay tuned!

Thank you all.



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