This morning the family had the sad news of the passing of our cousin.  My dad's first cousin, Bruce William Burbidge, passed away. 

I didn't know Bruce well- I remember meeting him at my aunt's home several years ago.  I'm sure I'd met him before then, too, but likely when there were  a lot of people (i.e. kids) around and I didn't care about the adults.  Anyway, Bruce was in the US Army and I know lived in Germany for a long while.  I'm not even sure where he lived at his death- South Dakota possibly?  I will learn this, though.

I know it's the cycle of life, but Bruce was just this baby to me last August when I scanned pictures at Grampa's.
Bruce, Bob, and Peggy (Felt)

Bruce and Peggy (Felt)

And now he is gone.

Bruce William Burbidge
b. 30 Aug 1944, Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota

d. 18 Mar 2012