Darth Vader et al

Apparently yesterday at the end of Return of the Jedi, in a massive amount of tears, William managed to sob out, "Daddy, I forgive Darth Vader!"


I had scrapbooking all Will's birthday weekend at a hotel nearby, so on Will's birthday, I got up early and brought donuts home for him. When I was ready to head back to the hotel, I had Will come sit on my lap facing me. "Happy birthday, Will," I said with smiles and kisses for him. "I'm going to go now, but tonight you can come get me at the hotel and then we'll go have your special birthday dinner, okay?"

He looked at me with big wide eyes and said with wonder and joy, "I can DRIVE now?" as if the perks of becoming four had never fully been explained to him. I am seriously still laughing.


We recently went to see Grampa and Grandma Molly in Oregon for a long weekend. The kids had such a good time exploring everything. And Grampa and Grandma got worn out by them but I think in a good way! Can't wait to go back.


Today we are off to a 4H Dog Field Day. Mr. Spock will be coming along for the ride, so we shall see how it goes!


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