New Year

Well, it’s over. Christmas, that is. This was actually my favorite Christmas yet. It started with a wonderful Thanksgiving and then just kept right on going until New Year’s. We did so many fun things, from crafts to a trip to see the City lights to a parade. And more crafts. And lots and lots of baking (pretty sure that’s why my fat pants are feeling a tad cozy right now).

The kids are at the perfect ages this year. Enough magic and wonder still to ignite the joy in all of us. And they do that every year, but this year I paid attention and remembered to enjoy.

Now the new year is here and some tough things are happening in the extended family. I’m crossing all my everything that it isn’t as bad as it seems right now and that all will be well.

I don’t do “resolutions”, but I do make goals frequently. One goal right now is to be better at writing down what’s going on with us so that I can share it with you and also so that I can share it with my future self. As I go through my days, I think, “I should write that down” but then things get busy and I think, “Oh, I’ll NEVER forget that!” And then when I get to the computer, it’s forgotten.

So 2010 should be filled with more “junk” from Mascot Manor and in return, please have a WONDERFUL 2010, because when you have a good one, so do I.


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