Dear Bubba,

Today you turn nine years old.  I remember 9 years ago so clearly.  It was a wonderful day, the day you were born.  We went to the hospital in the morning, as you were trying to escape.  You were brought out that afternoon and were the sweetest cutest baby I'd ever seen and you've been my big bub ever since.

I am so proud of how loving and smart you are.  You are also braver than the rest of us, willing to try any and all new things.  Not a week goes by where I don't hear how polite you are and how nice and refreshing you are to be around.  You say please and thank you, even when you don't need to, and that is very nice to hear.  I am honored to have you call me Momma.

I think you will face some challenges this year, but I know you will handle them with grace and smiles.  And you will be just fine, because you are a wonderful person, inside and out.

I love you, my little baby man.