I think this phone conversation wins:

Me: Why are there two hotel charges on my bank statement?
Hotel Woman: You need shuttle? I get shuttle. What room?
Me: No, I had two charges for your hotel. I stayed last Friday.
Hotel Woman: Two charges for shuttle last Friday? I check...

me on hold

Hotel Woman: What time you take shuttle?
Me: I did not take a shuttle and I do not want to take a shuttle. I want my money back.
Hotel Woman: You want money back from shuttle?
Me: May I please speak to the manager?
Hotel Woman: The shuttle manager? No manager for shuttle. You want lost and found?

After getting through to her that it was a billing issue, she transfered me to a man.

Hotel Man: Let me just pull up your account. Sarah McDonald, right?
Me: No. (Gave my name again)
Hotel Man: Yes, unfortunately we do have a missed reservation policy and because you missed the reservation without cancelling 24 hours before your check in date, we did need to charge you for that.
Me: (in that super calm before the storm voice) Then would you mind just explaining, you know, um what the other charge was for?
Hotel Man: Yes, that was for the room and room service last Friday.
Me: (paused to let it sink in... pause... pause... THERE it is. You could HEAR the light bulb flash on)
Hotel Man: OH, how can we charge you for a missed reservation and then also charge you for a room?

Me: Exactly.

Credit supposedly coming and we already had a free night for the other crappy customer service I wrote to them about. But do I really want to go through this again?