We had Thanksgiving dinner here this year and due to the bigger dining area, we were all able to eat in the same room.  The table looked pretty with Marc’s grandmother’s China all set out and the turkey was just right (if not a bit small, as we didn’t have that much left over!).  Our side dishes were perfect and Signa’s pumpkin pie was scrumptious (I am told- I went for the Granny’s cheesecake instead).  Guests included Mom, Todd, Joanne, Ginger, Phil, Bob and Scott.  The kids were hyped up on hyperactivity due to guests all day and after dinner, Signa went home with Gramma and spent TWO NIGHTS!  I picked her up on Saturday when we had the annual Decorate Gramma’s Christmas Tree day.  The kids do a craft (made wreaths), make a fun snack (decorated cupcakes), and decorate their tiny trees.  We had a great time, but, again, the kids were hyped up on Unkee Energy and were crazy all day.


Today we are off to the zoo (maybe) or to decorate our own tree (maybe).  One of those two things WILL happen.  Just not sure which.

Will:  Momma, can I please have a snack?

Me:  No.  You should have eaten your breakfast instead of feeding it to Mr. Spock.

Will:  Now I’m angry.

Me:  Why are you angry, Bubba?

Will: And now I’m angry because you ‘stroyed my LIFE!  Because you didn’t give me a snack because I fed my breakfast to the dog.

Right now we are supposed to be in Oregon.  Probably eating breakfast and chit chatting with Dad and Molly.  Instead, we are at home.


Stupid snow storm.


We had the rental car all packed and the kids all tucked in and were on the road listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack when the phone rang.  It was Dad and the storm was much worse and not safe to drive over the pass.  We knew there was a storm that was to last until midnight or so last night, so we thought we’d stay in Redding or Yreka or somewhere along the route and finish today.  When Dad called, the storm “end time” changed to today sometime.  With the kids (and me) sobbing, we turned around and came home.  We were all moping on the couch and William pet my face and said, “It’s okay, Momma, you can see your Daddy tomawow.” 


So we decided to let the kids pick something fun to do and they picked lunch at Chili’s and then bowling and then dinner at Harry’s Hoffbrau.  Chili’s was fine and then we stopped by Kohl’s to tell Tori that she didn’t need to mind Spocky and to get a jacket for Signa (where is hers?  It’s lost in boxes, I think).  For our second strikeout for the day, there were no jackets that we liked.  We did get a Christmas dress and some pants for Will, though. 


Came home for Will’s nap before bowling.  Got up, went bowling, but (third strike) there were leagues and tournaments, so no bowling for the Mascots.  Off to Target to waste time before dinner, where we did find a jacket for Signa.  Off to Harry’s Hoffbrau where the line was too long and no tables were available.  Fourth strike. 


Dinner at Chinese and then home to bed.


Lovely.  What a major let-down.


The weekend was wonderful.  I had a business trip on Thursday down south, so I parlayed it into a visit with my best friend from third grade.  We had a fun night of chatting and then I was off to my Friday meeting and long drive home (Kris, I’ll get my shoes on the next visit!).  Saturday was a craft sale at Mom’s clubhouse and I sold some things and bought some things.  Such nice people there.  Sweet to spend time with.


Saturday night we had movie night with Harry Potter (the third one, I think- Goblet of Fire) and watched about half before the kids were almost asleep.  We watched the rest over a picnic breakfast on Sunday and then dilly dallied all day until we decided to go see Nightmare Before Christmas last night.  Was fun to see in the theater again, even though Will wouldn’t wear the 3D glasses so saw it in Super Blurry Vision.


I’m not at all ready for this week, but need to get back to work mode quickly.


Is there a medicine for that?


My friend Andi mentioned having a list of lists she needs to make.  I know Sheri and I are exactly the same!

Here are my current lists, all outlined in Excel worksheets:

  • House (with sublists: organizing, ideas, cleaning, to be purchased)
  • Purchases (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Christmas (with sublists: gifts, cards, ideas, food, cookies, soaps, budget)
  • Projects (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Usborne (with sublists: ideas, shows, fliers, product knowledge)
  • Parties (with links to fun party ideas)
  • Genealogy (with sublists for each family branch)
  • Library (all the books I want from the library)
  • To Do (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Homeschool (with sublists for each subject)
  • Scrapbooks (all the in-progress scrapbooks)
  • Trips (with sublists for each place I want to go)
  • Cards (ideas for different cards to make)
  • Chores (ideas for chores for the kids)

I'm working on getting all of it into OneNote, as I (heart) OneNote.  I should put that on the list...

 ---------------------------------------------------------  NOTICE: The information contained in this electronic mail message is confidential and intended only for certain recipients.  If you are not an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, reproduction, distribution or other use of this communication and any attachments is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender by reply transmission and delete the message without copying or disclosing it.  ============================================================================================ 

Signa has a friend who’s mom let it out that a sleepover at our house is an actual possibility (we also found out that Catherine also makes lists for everything). Within 5 minutes of hearing this, I found this on Signa’s work table:


For me and Cathrin

Have a sleepover.

I put my pjs on. 

Then doo a kraft.

Then we blow up the majic bed.

Then we go to slep.

In the morning, we wace up. 

Then we eat brecfest.

Then we take a bath.


Sorry Catherine.  Doesn’t sound like much fun to me at all…

I can’t believe Halloween is over.  It was fun, but seems like we anticipated it and worked up to it and slammed through it without appreciating it enough!  And now it’s gone… Time to store the spiders and ghosts and toss the pumpkins before the mold kicks in.


The kids had a great time- we ate mummy dogs, potato ghosts and bone shaped breadsticks beforehand and then they donned their costumes (Signa was the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Will was King Tut) and hit the streets.  Sadly, people kept calling William a cute little Cleopatra, but he corrected them and didn’t care that he apparently looked like a girl.  Todd and Joanne and Austin and Mom all joined us for the festivities and I hope we can make an annual event of it.


Also on Halloween, our friend Diane had her book release party.  She has written a few books and I’ve always loved her writing but now it’s not on binder paper or even printed on the computer- it’s in a REAL LIVE BOOK!  We are so proud of her and so excited!


Enough for this morning.  I’m going to try to write just a little bit every day, so that I can get back in the habit of writing.