William was doing something really annoying yesterday. I can’t remember what, but as he walked by, I swatted him on the butt and reminded him what he was supposed to be doing. About 2 minutes later, I hear him sobbing in the living room. Before I could even get in there, he says, “Momma, you gave me something to cry ABOUT.”

Smart kid.

All is well in the Mascot household. Busy, though. Can’t see to catch our breath these days.
I’ve been working on genealogy a lot again lately and it’s taking up my spare time. I subscribed to Ancestry.com and Sheri and I have been enabling each other in it, so instead of cleaning, working, exercising... we do genealogy. But at least we are now related, so I can now officially call her family!

In other news, William is potty trained now (except for that never-to-be-spoken-of-again time on the couch last week when he was very involved in his Batman game). He’s doing a great job with it and enjoys telling me how he’s big now because “I go pee pee on the potty, that’s why!”

He also doesn’t say today, but instead substitutes the biblical, “ON THIS DAY”. So instead of saying, “I know you said that I wasn’t old enough to chew gum, but today I am ready,” we get, “Yes, but ON THIS DAY I can chew gum.”

Last weekend we went to see Beethoven’s Wig. It’s a group of singers for kids who put words to classical music. Some are silly (like about Beethoven’s Big Wig), but most tell a story about the music, the musician or something about the time. We all loved it and are vowing to see more live theater.

Although we also love movies, having seen and loved Alice in Wonderland. I have a particular fondness for the story, since Dad read it to me when I was little. And then to have Tim Burton, my favorite movie guy ever, make it. Well, it was just perfect and exactly how Alice in Wonderland should look. The kids loved it and now are planning which characters to be for Halloween (we had to talk Will out of being the White Queen- now he’s either the Cheshire Cat or the guy with the eye patch). Signa is, of course, the Red Queen.

The kids also woke up one day and decided to plan a party for their stuffed hamsters (called Zhu Zhu Pets). They made invitations, games and when I got home from work, I made a cake. The party for Mr. Squiggles and Batman was very fun.

I also had a Pampered Chef party a couple weeks ago and it was so fun to see my friends all in one place. Of course there many close friends missing, but YVONNE was there! Yvonne and I were friends when we were 8-12 or so. We were inseparable, living across the street from each other. We had a club house in her back yard and did the gong show, Charlie’s Angels, detective work, and had our own club that we called the Black Panthers (because, really, what a cool name for a club!). We had some very prime years together and it was so fun to see her again. I can’t figure out how she can look exactly like she did when she was 12, but she does. She has grown daughters who are beautiful, just like her.

I guess that’s it for today. I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Should be a relaxing Saturday, YAY!