Minnie Newman, Batman, Robin and Nothing at All About Pee Wee Herman

William was telling us about "Minnie Newman" who was found "in the box!" "YOU KNOW! MINNIE NEWMAN! FROM THE BOX!" It took many minutes to gather more details (what kind of box? A BOX! where was the box from? THE GARAGE! what does Minnie look like? A BIG HEAD!)

He was talking about Marc's Alfred E. Neuman doll...

William has also taken to calling Marc, "Batman" and insisting on everyone calling him, "Robin". So here is a conversation I heard the other day:

William (from the tub): Batman?
Marc (from the office): Yes, Robin?
William: Let's pretend you don't know Pee Wee Herman.
Marc: Um... okay...
William: Hey, Batman? Do you know Pee Wee Herman?
Marc: Why, no, Robin, I don't.
William: Oh, Batman!

And then he went back to playing with the bath bubbles.


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