William lost his second tooth day before yesterday.  I came home from work and he greeted me with all the gory details about the twisting and turning and bloodiness.  He pulled it out himself, which is brave of him since neither Marc nor I have the intention of ever pulling out teeth.  Regardless of how "hangy" they are.  Shiver.  Tooth Fairy came and brought him $1.50.
William finished his 4-week golf class and did great.  He sort of surprised me in how well he listened and follwed directions and stayed focused.  Now that we know he can, there will be more of that expected of him!  I will have video of his golf at some point.  It's not posted quite yet.

Signa started her weekend with a 4-H Dog Field Day where she decided at the last minute to enter the Junior Showmanship competition.  And she won 2nd place!  We were both happy (and surprised).

Then on Sunday, Signa entered her first karate competition in the Forms category.  Here is the video for that: