Eye Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I put makeup on women. They would come into the spa and I would make them look good. I remember learning to put eye shadow on older women. You would have to stretch the skin out with your thumb while applying it or the brush would just move on the same piece of old woman skin and not spread nicely.

This morning, I realized I have that old woman skin. I had to stretch my eye skin.

This marks the official end of an era. Can I wear knee high nylons with my sandals now and polyester pants with a stupid hat?
Last weekend, Signa and I went to Oregon. We drove up on Friday and back on Monday, but had 2 full days with Grampa and Grandma Molly. It was wonderful and Signa wants to go back with us next time, even though it's supposed to be just me and Will next time... I think Daddy would explode with NO KIDS for a full weekend, so we will see...

While there, we attended Battle of the Bones (http://www.battleofthebones.com). We tasted 12 or so different pulled pork and voted for our favorite (the apricot one was our family's favorite!). We walked around and got ice cream and cotton candy and giant lemonades with flavoring in them and balloon animals. It was a great day and I LOVE PULLED PORK!

Sunday we went up to the mountain for a picnic. It was a lovely day and the whole weekend was very relaxing and comforting. I love spending time with my parents as you get to be a kid again and they sort of step into the adult role as your backup. I hope my kids feel that way when they are older, too.

Yesterday I took a surprise day off work and we had Momma Camp. The kids got tickets for Momma Camp from 9am to 9pm. The day started with name tags and leis. We then went to get supplies for Momma Camp and then home for the Momma Camp Sing-a-long*. After the sing-a-long, we painted figurines as our craft and then had a water fight with water baloons and Super Soakers in the front yard. Then lunch at McDonalds and playtime in the Playland. Then Will's nap, during which Signa tried to learn how to ride her bike. Then another craft (library bags) and then off to the water structure activity pool at the community center. Then swim lessons, hot dogs for dinner, and smores by the campfire in the backyard. Then bed.

We all loved our Momma Camp.

* Our official Momma Camp song is sung to the tune of "Lollipop" and played on the guitar in the A CHORD until the POP (where you knock on the guitar) and then the ba bom bom part is in the E7 on the guitar (note that those are the only things we have learned on the guitar in guitar class, so it's a bit limiting.