William's Story

Last night at dinner, I got to hear William's story of an event from the day. I wish I'd recorded it so that I could regale you with the EXACT words, but it was too "in the moment." So I'll do my best.

William's Story

Today in the car and then not in the car there was a dead squirrel and the turkey vultures were in a circle (he made circle motions over his head, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't calling himself crazy) and they were eating a dead not Gilbert (Gilbert is a squirrel that we feed in the backyard and Will was okay with a dead squirrel in the street as long as it was... not Gilbert). And um Daddy said if I wanted to look and I said yes and we looked and there was RIBS! And the turkey vultures were eating that squirrel that was not Gilbert!

Later on he asked me for "Skechimo" kisses. Even though he drives us nuts sometimes, as we don't understand why he does things (kick the dog, not potty train, hit Signa, crash things, break things, destroy things, etc.), he really is pretty freaking cute. :)


  • Felten Household | January 29, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    This makes me laugh so hard!! Especially the end about the things that he does and you just don't understand why. That is sooooo going to be Cameron soon. I mean he already breaks everything...

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