This year's costumes feature Signa as Frankie Stein (Frankenstein's Monster's daughter), William as Boba Fette, Marc as a deep sea diver and me as Sunken Treasure. The kids' costumes were store bought, but not ours!

A year and a half ago, my doctor gave me a slip for the dreaded mammogram. I sucked it up and went and they said Sorry Charlie, as I hadn’t been NOT breastfeeding for long enough. So six months ago I got another dreaded slip from my doctor and then promptly lost it. I found it a couple of weeks ago and sucked it up and made the appointment for last Thursday.

It’s been a long hard week and to have a mammogram in the middle was just frightening. I shaked myself all the way in, barely able to sign the 40 million waivers, pay promises and privacy notices for all the quivering. I nearly sobbed as I waited. She called my name and I had that stomach sinking feeling from hell.

I put the gown on and went into a slightly darkened toasty warm room. She showed me the machine and how it worked and that she’d be taking four pictures, two of each boobie. She explained everything and then we began. And then 40 seconds later, it was over and I was laughing. “Seriously? That’s IT?!?!? “

There is no pain. There is no pinching or hurting. Perhaps breastfeeding two children past the age of two has desensitized me, but SERIOSLY!??!

If you have been putting this off, stop. Trust me, the Scardy Cat Whiny Baby of the Universe. Just go. It’s NOTHING.


I finished my Halloween costume, but the cost?


The user of my hot glue gun (me) decided to shoot glue onto that part between your thumb and index finger. Then that same person grabbed for the offending glue with the other hand.


But my costume's done and now I have a day of work at a client's and then tomorrow a seminar and a Halloween party and then more Halloween parties!

The kids have been practicing their Trick-or-Treat ettiquette. Knocking gently, saying please (I told them that no one says, "Trick or treat PLEASE" and that they could be off the hook this time), taking one piece if the owners hold out the bowl, not walking into their home, saying thank you. While this is all very cute, the over and over knocking is getting on our nerves, so we are glad to be nearing the actual day.

I think with all the parties, we should do a really cool breakfast for Halloween, but not sure I could pull this off:

We may settle for Count Chocula cereal.
I spent most of yesterday in the John Wayne Airport. I had a client meeting that we thought would go all day. Our flight choices were 4:30 or 8:30. Since we thought the meeting would go until 4pm, we chose 8:30pm, knowing it would be a long day (the morning flight was at 7am. However, the meeting was over at 2pm and we were back at the airport at 3pm trying to get on the 4:30 flight. To no avail. So I spend five and a half hours at the John Wayne International Airport.

Luckily, I was with a really great person and we laughed through the day and night, but ick. What a LONNNNNNNG day. And I never saw Signa or William yesterday. Cannot wait for them to get up this morning, but since it's only 6:30, I won't stomp around and cough or anything to wake them.


Curly Shuffle

We went to a wonderful Oktoberfest party with Nana and Papa a few weeks back. Nana made Signa a Dirndl and bought a beautiful shirt for William from Germany. She then borrowed Lederhosen in a beautiful red leather from a friend for him.

William, always the ham, couldn't just do the chicken dance; he had to add in the Curly Shuffle (which he calls the Rock and Roll move).

You can watch it here:

We also took a trip to Oregon to see Grampa and Grandma Molly. Just William and me. We had a great time and now he wants to go there every week. He loved the built in playground, but also all the food and special juice that was just for him! We can't wait for Thanksgiving, hoping they will be joining us again.

And if you are a genealogy friend, I've created a genealogy blog at:

I figured I needed an outlook for all my recent genealoging before I start writing it here and boring you all!
I’m doing a fundraiser for CORA through the month of October. There are some GREAT new books (including a new series that I’m coveting for William). All my commissions from your orders (and your friends’ orders – pass it on!!!) will be sent to CORA. Last year when I did this, we raised $50. This year, I want to send them a lot more.

My Usborne Website:

“CORA provides free and confidential services to victims and survivors of domestic/dating violence and abuse, including child and teen witnesses, in San Mateo County. Our services include a 24-hour hotline, support groups, legal services, emergency and transitional housing, and more, in English and Spanish.

CORA is a wonderful organization and performs so many valuable and needed services. For each of us, this fundraiser is a win-win. You get great books for the children in your lives AND part of your money goes to a wonderful organization.

I love to suggest books for you, or you can see our new titles here:

Personally, I’m ordering this for William, as it looks just about perfect for my anxious-to-read 4-year-old:
Very First Reading Set

Thank you and please let me know if you have questions!
-Debbie (debbie (at) mascotmanor (dot) org)