I finished my Halloween costume, but the cost?


The user of my hot glue gun (me) decided to shoot glue onto that part between your thumb and index finger. Then that same person grabbed for the offending glue with the other hand.


But my costume's done and now I have a day of work at a client's and then tomorrow a seminar and a Halloween party and then more Halloween parties!

The kids have been practicing their Trick-or-Treat ettiquette. Knocking gently, saying please (I told them that no one says, "Trick or treat PLEASE" and that they could be off the hook this time), taking one piece if the owners hold out the bowl, not walking into their home, saying thank you. While this is all very cute, the over and over knocking is getting on our nerves, so we are glad to be nearing the actual day.

I think with all the parties, we should do a really cool breakfast for Halloween, but not sure I could pull this off:

We may settle for Count Chocula cereal.


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