Well, we had a great Christmas, except for my cold and laryngitis (if I didn't call on Christmas, that's why). We had a small crew this year, which was for the best, as I am pretty sick with whatever this is.

Lots of food and fun, though. AUnt Karen was here and that was the best gift I could have. I haven't had Christmas with her in many years and so it was nice that she was able to make it this year. She stayed overnight and apparently was very comfortable, so hopefully she'll share that with Dad and Molly so that they will come to stay for awhile!

The kids got wonderful gifts and Marc's Jack Skellington made it to the front yard on Christmas morning. As I type, I've been watching the cars drive by and then slowly back up to get another glimpse of the giant in our front yard.

Now I just need to get over this sickness and off to a Happy New Year!


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