Thank you, Santa. And recipes.

You know how you can tell it’s almost Christmas?  Even the hint that Santa might be watching sends the children into heaps and puddles of tears and “Please don’t tell!”  It don’t STOP them from doing things (like punching me in the face or talking like a rude 15-year-old), but it makes them rethink it afterward.  And the things they do (punching me in the face, talking like a rude 15-year old, etc.) are not normal MY kid things, either.  Which I attribute to the cookies and candy canes that are strewn about, endlessly trailing our every day.


In other news,  I have lots of you that I share my recipes with in email, so I figured I’d just do another website with them listed.  I will only post those I actually try, so not just a website filled with recipes that no one can make.  I’m not a great chef, nor a great baker, so if I can do it, anyone can.  Check it out!  Share your recipes so I can try them and post them!


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