Scavenger... Cleaning

Signa loves to help, but only if there is a game in it. So today we invented Scavenger Cleaning. I hid numbered sticky notes all over and she had to clean to find it (oh, she's also really bad at finding things, so I didn't have to worry about her just finding and moving on). Then she would bring the number to me and I would give her a clue to the next number. At the end, she got her goodie bag for the day, which is making food for the reindeer.

And out of it, I got all the window sills cleaned, the garbages in the house emptied, the tables cleared, the dusting done, the beds made, and the shoe pile organized.

And the kids thought it was a fun game and wanted to keep going.

Ah, I love parenting.

Merry Everything, Everyone! Santa's coming tonight so I'm off to get ready for him.


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