Baking and Potty (not together)

Today’s advent bag featured a bookmark craft.  Hopefully they can do it today and make some cute things.


 Last night we did chocolate pretzels with sprinkles.  The kids liked the sprinkles… I also made gingerbread loaves last night and it’s delicious!  I’m shocked.  I think I have about 30 things to bake tonight, but we’ll see what gets done.  It’s mostly for fun, so not a stress factor.


In news entirely the opposite end from food, William is just about potty trained.  We still do pull-ups all day, as there really isn’t anything fun about accidents, but they stay dry and he runs to the potty on his own.  This weekend we may graduate to just pull-ups at night.


We got the tree up last night and it looks so pretty.  I’ll post some pictures soon.


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