The weekend was wonderful.  I had a business trip on Thursday down south, so I parlayed it into a visit with my best friend from third grade.  We had a fun night of chatting and then I was off to my Friday meeting and long drive home (Kris, I’ll get my shoes on the next visit!).  Saturday was a craft sale at Mom’s clubhouse and I sold some things and bought some things.  Such nice people there.  Sweet to spend time with.


Saturday night we had movie night with Harry Potter (the third one, I think- Goblet of Fire) and watched about half before the kids were almost asleep.  We watched the rest over a picnic breakfast on Sunday and then dilly dallied all day until we decided to go see Nightmare Before Christmas last night.  Was fun to see in the theater again, even though Will wouldn’t wear the 3D glasses so saw it in Super Blurry Vision.


I’m not at all ready for this week, but need to get back to work mode quickly.


Is there a medicine for that?


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