And You're OUT!

Right now we are supposed to be in Oregon.  Probably eating breakfast and chit chatting with Dad and Molly.  Instead, we are at home.


Stupid snow storm.


We had the rental car all packed and the kids all tucked in and were on the road listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack when the phone rang.  It was Dad and the storm was much worse and not safe to drive over the pass.  We knew there was a storm that was to last until midnight or so last night, so we thought we’d stay in Redding or Yreka or somewhere along the route and finish today.  When Dad called, the storm “end time” changed to today sometime.  With the kids (and me) sobbing, we turned around and came home.  We were all moping on the couch and William pet my face and said, “It’s okay, Momma, you can see your Daddy tomawow.” 


So we decided to let the kids pick something fun to do and they picked lunch at Chili’s and then bowling and then dinner at Harry’s Hoffbrau.  Chili’s was fine and then we stopped by Kohl’s to tell Tori that she didn’t need to mind Spocky and to get a jacket for Signa (where is hers?  It’s lost in boxes, I think).  For our second strikeout for the day, there were no jackets that we liked.  We did get a Christmas dress and some pants for Will, though. 


Came home for Will’s nap before bowling.  Got up, went bowling, but (third strike) there were leagues and tournaments, so no bowling for the Mascots.  Off to Target to waste time before dinner, where we did find a jacket for Signa.  Off to Harry’s Hoffbrau where the line was too long and no tables were available.  Fourth strike. 


Dinner at Chinese and then home to bed.


Lovely.  What a major let-down.


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