My friend Andi mentioned having a list of lists she needs to make.  I know Sheri and I are exactly the same!

Here are my current lists, all outlined in Excel worksheets:

  • House (with sublists: organizing, ideas, cleaning, to be purchased)
  • Purchases (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Christmas (with sublists: gifts, cards, ideas, food, cookies, soaps, budget)
  • Projects (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Usborne (with sublists: ideas, shows, fliers, product knowledge)
  • Parties (with links to fun party ideas)
  • Genealogy (with sublists for each family branch)
  • Library (all the books I want from the library)
  • To Do (with links to the other lists that the things go to)
  • Homeschool (with sublists for each subject)
  • Scrapbooks (all the in-progress scrapbooks)
  • Trips (with sublists for each place I want to go)
  • Cards (ideas for different cards to make)
  • Chores (ideas for chores for the kids)

I'm working on getting all of it into OneNote, as I (heart) OneNote.  I should put that on the list...

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  • Andi | November 4, 2009 at 3:48 PM

    Aw, a blog post after my own heart - I LOVE LISTS!! I love it.

    There is a book that is called something like "your life in lists" or something. I'll have to find it when we get back from our trip. You'd love it. Kind of random, but so much fun.

    What is OneNote?

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