We had Thanksgiving dinner here this year and due to the bigger dining area, we were all able to eat in the same room.  The table looked pretty with Marc’s grandmother’s China all set out and the turkey was just right (if not a bit small, as we didn’t have that much left over!).  Our side dishes were perfect and Signa’s pumpkin pie was scrumptious (I am told- I went for the Granny’s cheesecake instead).  Guests included Mom, Todd, Joanne, Ginger, Phil, Bob and Scott.  The kids were hyped up on hyperactivity due to guests all day and after dinner, Signa went home with Gramma and spent TWO NIGHTS!  I picked her up on Saturday when we had the annual Decorate Gramma’s Christmas Tree day.  The kids do a craft (made wreaths), make a fun snack (decorated cupcakes), and decorate their tiny trees.  We had a great time, but, again, the kids were hyped up on Unkee Energy and were crazy all day.


Today we are off to the zoo (maybe) or to decorate our own tree (maybe).  One of those two things WILL happen.  Just not sure which.


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