The Turtle and the Lizard

Signa drew a picture today of a turtle and a lizard. Then, underneath, she wrote a story:


"The turtle and the lizard
had a race. The lizard took a
nap. The turtle kept going."

Beautiful. Toward the end I gave her the advice to put spaces between her words as it makes it easier to read. But I won't ever correct spelling on these kinds of things. Tonight we'll study the words Turtle and Lizard, though. I love that she isn't afraid to try doing this like she used to be. Instead, she seemed rather proud (as she should be).

While she did this, Will made A, B, C, and D with his wooden shapes from Handwriting without Tears. Didn't do much for Signa, but maybe it will work perfectly for William. We gave him 4 flashcards of his own on Saturday- boy, girl, toys and red. He carried them around all weekend and sometimes got one or two right. Fluke, but still. He understands that the letters stand for words and that is a good first step.


  • Todd | September 9, 2008 at 6:11 AM

    I love this Debbie! I had never seen your webpage before. Now I understand why you are so appreciative of ours. you actually know the time it takes! Anyway, thanks for the comments. more to come....
    btw, love your webpage.
    p.s. doing this under todd's name

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