The Day that She First Gave Dad the Finger

Marc told me that Signa came to him very seriously and matter of factly.

"OKAY. I know this is a bad word, but I gotta show you so that you can put the medicine on it." Then she stuck up her middle finger to show him the papercut she got.

Our girl is so careful about things like sign language swearing.

William is very much the two-year-old. MINE, NO, and NO, MINE are all words said constantly and in capitals. He's also sweet, though, and likes BIG HUG! and KISS, MOMMA!

But then if something happens to piss him off, he mimes the hug or kiss again and then reverses it, pretends to grab it, and then fake throws it. NO, NO HUG/KISS! Nice... he UNhugs and kisses.

This weekend we have lots of great plans. Going to the park in the morning, to dinner at night, Austin's coming, Mom's coming, Sunday is a wine event I'm going to with a friend/client, and Monday we are going to do something Austin wants to do.


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