The Caterpillars

The kids have been planning a show for 3 days. There have been signs posted all over the house that tonight was the night. So after dinner, they handed out tickets to “The KCoon” (the cocoon) and gave us the Introduction Sign which read:

In this plae the stori will bee ibowt to katpilers that bee kom frnes and they mace theer kucoons at the saim tiem."
Translation: In this play, the story will be about two caterpillars that become friends and they make their cocoons at the same time.

They came out from the playroom area with regular clothes and Will had a hat on. They held up a sign:

Then they went under a blanket and argued for a long time about what they were supposed to do. Then they came out in these costumes as butterflies. And the dog was put in a cape and eyeglasses. The Three Butterfly Friends. Because, really, what kind of self-respecting butterfly would be seen without a white face mask or a red cowboy hat?


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