Speshl Holuwene

Note: I think we need to spend less time on phonics.
Here is Signa’s handwritten plan for last night (note that we didn’t actually do any of them except “speshl treat” and “moovey nite”, so they are carry-overs to today):

Pinkone tircey (make pinecone turkeys)
Pumpkin corving (pumpkin carving)
Eat boans. (eat bones made out of breadstick dough)
Eat mumee hot dog. (eat hot dogs wrapped in dough)
Gost Ptatos (eat ghost potatoes- baked potatoes with sour cream and eyes and mouth out of chives)
Holuwene cookie (make –and eat- Halloween cookies- thanks to Britta!)
Moovey nite (Watch Nightmare Before Christmas)
Speshl treat (eat popcorn balls with candy corn)
The End.

We started today with swamp gut waffles:
Frozen waffles
Syrup (aka mud poop)
Powdered sugar (snow snot)
Bright green sprinkles (Swamp guts)

And before hand the kids were complaining about having to have waffles…

Off to the pumpkin patch and maybe a “moovey”.

(and laundry and cleaning and crafting for holidays)


  • karen | October 28, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    Love it!!! We were going to watch Nightmare for our "DVD Date Night" this week for MuffinFixation but I think we're going to do Sleepy Hollow instead (the Johnny Depp one for me ... the Disney one for Johnny!) :)

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