I keep putting off updating, as I don’t have time to write everything I want to write. So instead of putting it off and waiting until everything I want to say is obsolete, first our exciting news: we are moving. Still will be in the same town, just a bigger house and across town. We move on the 15th with the Uhaul, but will start moving some stuff over later this week. First move in 10 years, so I’m just slightly stressed out (as in I don’t eat or sleep very well).

We’ve taken several trip and done many cool things, but I don’t have time for those, so here are some fun children items:

Signa got her orange belt in karate on Saturday. They don’t let anyone watch the tests, so I’m not 100% sure how it went, but she was VERY proud. And so are we.

William started gymnastics on Saturday. I signed up for it so long ago that I was sure the 3-5 age group would be good, but as the date approached, I worried that I should have put him in 2-3 instead. In 3-5 he goes out there by himself and has to pay attention. I worried he wouldn’t and got myself ready to switch to the other class. Instead he did just fine and we even have friends in the class!

Signa and Marc went to Comicon in San Diego and had a great time.

William is learning to potty train a bit and thinks he’s a big boy. We keep telling him that he needs to be more consistent, but apparently “consistent” is too big of a word (and concept) for a 3-year-old as he is completely random.

While Signa and Marc were gone, I took Will to the zoo. I reminded him that he wasn’t big enough for the rides, just the merry-go-round and the train and he responded, (loudly) “But I *AM* a big boy because I go pee pee on the potty!” Much laughter all around us. But then I put him next to the measuring signs at the rides and, low and behold, he actually was big enough for the rides. Unbelievable, as we were just there a couple months ago and he was far from it.

Also at the zoo, we were sitting on a bench watching the apes and I looked over at Will and he had half of a cookie in his hand taking a bite. I looked past him and saw a littler boy on the other side of him, looking at William with wonder and holding half of a cookie. I scolded Will for taking the boy’s cookie and Will’s answer (loudly) was, “But I *SAID* please!”

Signa made a big poster with houses along the bottom, clouds all over the top (and some birds) and a cutout of words glued in the center. “Possibly Sims3 tumoroe.” All of this in response to this conversation: Signa- “Momma, can we play Sims3 tomorrow?” Me- “Possibly.”

I’ll try to be better about posting things as I go. Especially pictures of our new house!


  • Andi | August 5, 2009 at 8:04 AM

    Oh, thank goodness you posted! I check every few days to see if there's an update, so you made my morning : ) They are growing so quickly. I just love hearing the stories : ) Good luck with the move - This is the longest I think I've been in one place (and it's only been 2 years).

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