Bumper Stickers

I feel that I’m pretty opinionated- I’ve got an opinion on just about everything; I just don’t share it with everyone all the time. Which is why bumper stickers are beyond me. Is it to have people treat you differently (Oh, he’s got an Obama bumper sticker, so I won’t swear at him after he cuts me off)? Or is it to change people’s minds (Oh, that guy has a cool car and drives nicely- huh! A McCain bumpersticker?!?!? I was going to vote democrat this time, but now I’ve changed my mind!)? Some seem like they are good warnings. NRA for instance. Keep far away. Far far away, as they can and WILL kill you. Same with the God-fish sticker people.

To me, it’s almost like the death penalty- what is the purpose? If you give me a good purpose that makes sense and is backed up by facts, I’ll gladly glue those puppies all over my car and delight in the news when San Quentin kills off another convict But really, it just doesn’t make sense.

On a totally different note, while watching the debates, Signa said, "Daddy, how come that white guy sounds like he's just making up stuff?"


  • Andi | November 29, 2008 at 11:01 AM

    Hey, don't judge all of us NRA folks : ) My husband and I are proud gun owners and NRA supporters. But truly, safety first and we're not crazy gun and bible clinging religious freaks. Just supporters of the 2nd amendment. I can't vouch for his driving though - it sucks. It's so nice to be reading you again. I've missed you and glad you let me in on this blog again : ) ~Andi

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