Happy 6th Birthday, Mrs. Magilicutty!

Dear Mrs. Magilicutty,

You have now turned six. My six-year-old little girl. It’s amazing that you could be six already when it seems like just yesterday that you were saying, Tickabah and scotching around on your butt as your only mode of movement. This was a very special birthday for you (or maybe me), as this is the year that you can truly understand how much we adore you and appreciate you and love you. So we decided to reward you for not only your birthday, but also the amazingness that is you with a surprise trip to Disneyland.

You woke up on your birthday with such joy at just being you and having a birthday and being in a hotel. Yet you still had no clue that you were at Disneyland, since we arrived so late at night and you were asleep. So we let you revel in birthdayness and then you opened your gifts to find Disneyland tickets. And then you found out that you were going RIGHT NOW and the happiness and joy on you face and in your eyes was worth all the money in the world (which is pretty much what it cost to go to Disneyland for three days).

Anyway, Signa, you are the best daughter, child, friend, and person that I can imagine. I’m proud of you each and every day and cannot believe how lucky I am to have been given a chance to not only know you, but to be in your family. You are so sweet and kind and loving and such a wonderful sister and helper. I love how smart you are and how innocent, too.

You know that the best present I ever got was you on your birthday.



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