Toilet Paper

We had a fun weekend with kid things AND adult things. After a day of Gymboree and shopping with Will, (and Marc's day of seeing Hellboy II with Signa) Marc and I went to some friends' house for dinner. It was an odd night- odd in that we had a really great time with people we recently met and did so without any reservation at all about them. We rarely find people that we not only both like, but we like their kids, too. These friends more than fit that bill. Our new friends actually feel more like old friends who we've known forever. Delightful!

Sunday I took Signa for a cousin day at Six Flags/Marine World/Whatever it's called now. She had a great time with the Gould's and their friend and I had a great time connecting with her for some one-on-one Momma/Daughter time. She is certainly adorable, if I do say so myself. She was all smiles all day. If I smiled that much, my cheek muscles would explode, but I guess she exercises hers enough.

I do have to tell about my new nails, though. During our shopping excursion on Saturday, Will fell asleep so I decided to get my nails done. Since I've got swimming all week (oh my God, I have to shave my legs every day this week for swim lessons, since I have to get in the pool with William. What was I thinking when I signed up for this?!??!), I realized my natural nails would look crappy by the Friday/Saturday Todd's Wedding Extravaganza.

So I decided to get gel put over my natural nails and then painted for the wedding. I explained this to the overly hurried man who didn't speak English. "Do you do something like this?" I asked nicely after explaining. "Yes. Yes. Sit. I do." He rushed around and then threw some crap on my nails (acrylic, not gel) and then said, "You done."

He did not make them all one length and he did not paint them. I said, "But I need paint. Polish."

"Yes. I polish. Clear. I polish clear."

"But I wanted something else, not clear."

"Yes, I polish clear. You done." And he moved on.

I stood there for a minute. What do I do? He didn't understand me and so I went to get a bottle of polish I like so that I could show him. Then William woke up and I had to leave. Never ever going there again. For anything. Ever. And I will write them a letter, too. In English.

And my Signa-ism for the day:
Signa was taking a bath while I was using the potty (tell me that I did not just use the word, "potty" outside of the home…). I put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder and Signa shot up in the tub. She stared at me in astonishment and then started to clap and gasp with joy and pride. "You did it, Momma! You did it! You learned how to change the toilet paper! I told Daddy you could learn! I'm so proud of you!"

Note to everyone: When you say things like, "Doesn't Momma even know how to put new roll of toilet paper on the holder?" to a nearly 6-year-old, she may not know you are joking…


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