Tonight is our last swim class. What idiot thought that two solid weeks with swimming every night for both children and me (parent/tot class with Will) was a good idea? Oh yeah… me. Idiot.

Anyway, the kids have done great. Signa doesn't seem so afraid anymore and William… well, he's just happy as a clam like he was our first class. But he kicks more and can blow bubbles on command now, so it was worth it I suppose.

Our first class, they handed out a swim pass and I called it Will's prize. He still has it at home- this wadded up crinkled hot pink, piece of paper. "My prize, Momma! My prize, Dad-day!" He loves that thing. Can't wait to scrapbook it to show his friends when he's a teenager.

My friend Lisa is having her baby today via c-section. Everyone think healthy baby, healthy momma, and happy breastfeeding thoughts for her!


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