There's A Teenager in My House!

Dear Signa,

I know you don't think it's weird that you are a teenager now, but I do.  It's weird that you are 13 and it was just yesterday that you were scootching around on the floor with your happy face.  And now you are 13 and while you still have your happy face, it's more about Minecraft and YouTube than about the freedom of movement around the living room.
This past year you've matured so much.  You have cemented your confidence in liking what you like and shrugging about what you are "supposed" to like but don't.  You absolutely do not succumb to peer pressure; in fact, sometimes I think it's the opposite.
You got your brown belt in karate this year and I'm so super proud of that.  You also finished 7th grace and are hitting 8th at a run.
I'm actually proud of everything about you. You continue to be an amazing creature that I can't believe I helped create.

I love you, Magill!


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