I Hate My New Grocery Store

This weekend has been weird.  My plans yesterday got yucked up and that put me out of whack today.  Normally, I do the grocery shopping in Livermore on Saturdays, but I had to do it today in Tracy.  And the grocery store is set up totally differently and so it takes about six times as long.  I get frustrated and antsy and just want my normal aisles all lined up the way I like them.

I remember feeling this way when we moved to Livermore.  I wanted my Dublin grocery store aisle.  And I remember when we moved to Dublin, I wanted my Mountain View grocery store.  And I remember each time feeling like I'd never, ever like the new grocery store and I'd always want my old one back.

But this time, it's true.  The Livermore grocery store is right next to karate, where I am three times a week.  Why would I not use that store?  But that will make me inherently never, ever think of the Tracy store as normal or right.

Which I'm totally fine with.

In other news, yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the last time I hugged my dad.  I secretly sneaked out to the driveway last night and looked at my license plate.

"HI SHORTY," I heard in Dad's voice.  All is well.


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