Happy Birthday, William!

Dear William,

Tomorrow is Easter and you also turn five years old. The next time you have a birthday on Easter will be when you turn 89 years old and although it’s silly, it makes me sad to know that I won’t be there with you to celebrate that birthday. Tomorrow is my last celebration of your birthday on Easter. And today is last day for me to have a four-year-old.

To say that four has been easy would not be truthful. To say that it’s been equally challenging and wonderful would be. You are an adorable little boy, full of life and energy. You are polite, saying please and thank you, and you are curious, trying out all kinds of things. Even the not-so-smart ones.

You love to be with your friends, but still do a lot of parallel play. You loved our trip to Disneyland and you love our trips to the park. Sometimes I’m not sure which you like more. This year, you played soccer and did very well. You wanted to do it again, so we just finished sign-ups. You also wanted golf, so that starts next week and you are doing a couple of camps this summer. One is a drop off day came and you are a bit nervous, as you haven’t been dropped off before. But I know that you will do very well, as you are mature and capable of listening and following directions. For the most part.

You still think Signa is the bee’s knees and try to emulate her in everything you do. You love to play with her and be with her and when she is apart from you, you just aren’t yourself. This year you lost your Aunt Gin and I think that was harder on you than we yet know. But we love you so much that we are going to love that hurt right out of you.

You are still my cuddly little man and I hope that doesn’t change any time soon. I love getting my morning snuggles and hugs and my afternoon Big Hug greeting. You make my day every day with your joy and energy and silliness.

Thank you for being my delightful big stink.  Who just told me that you are taller today and your feet are longer because you are now five.

I love you.


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